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21 Days Group Yoga Session
₹ 3,150.00 – ₹ 4,200.00

Ishka Group class is a 60 minutes yoga class with a mixture of power yoga, hatha yoga, and ashtanga. After the class reaches a peak point, relaxing asanas are introduced, followed by stretching and pranayama. Group classes are slotted for all levels. Post consultation with our yoga expert, we will recommend the class most suitable for your needs.
The younger crowd finds these classes very exciting due to the power workouts, which aid weight loss and overall fitness. Older age groups can also enjoy these classes as they are motivated by the youngsters and the positive energy which sets high morale for the entire group.

Whether you are looking for a cooling and relaxing yoga session or a powerful and challenging session, or a combination of both, we can accommodate your needs. Our yoga expert will gauge your fitness and flexibility when designing the yoga workout and assigning you to a particular group.

Group Yoga Classes at Ishka Healthcare comprise Surya Namaskar, asanas, pranayama, and meditation, focusing on breath and mind awareness to get the desired results. All we ask is that you come willing to learn and follow our advice carefully.

For any Enquiries related to the program feel free to connect with our team over a Call or Email us. Our Executive would be happy to assist you.



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₹ 3,150.00 – ₹ 4,200.00”

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