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At Ishka Healthcare, you can avail long term ayurvedic treatments all year round to keep yourself agile, young, and with strong immunity. The short term ayurvedic treatments are disease-related and tailored by our doctors on person to person basis. The treatments are structured for seven days, 14 days, or 21 days or longer, depending on the disease’s chronicity and severity.

It includes Vamana, virechana, nasy a,vasti, rakthmokshana 

pinda sweda

Our various kizhi/potli treatments help alleviate pain, stiffness, and swelling of different affected parts of the body. Feel the day to day changes taking place and notice your body coming to every day.


Abhyanga is defined as an ayurvedic procedure of application of Sneha dravyas over the body with a certain amount of (very mild) pressure in specific directions. It can be applied to the whole body or locally. Many of the prevalent modern massage techniques are the modified forms of Abhyanga.


The continuous flow of medicated liquid or oil over the head calms your mind and soul. It rejuvenates the brain and nerve cells. It improves the bulk and texture of the hair also. Very effective in Insomnia, Hypertension, Scalp psoriasis, Depression-anxiety-stress related problems.

local basti therapy

Get relieved from the troubling acute joint pains, neck pain, low backache, etc through our localized Basti treatments like janu basti, kati basti, greeva basti, hrud basti and shiro basti. 

eye and ear treatments

Suffering from dry, itchy eyes or ears??? get rid of them through Ayurveda. Take our localized eye and ear treatments like Netra tarpana, akshi prakshalana, karna poorana

avagaha sweda

Avagaham or hip bath is the process of dipping oneself in medicated liquids till hip for various disorders of the lower body like anorectal issues, vaginal infections, low back pain, etc.


Massaging the body with dry powders or oil mixed powders for inch loss, localised fat mobilization, healthy skin and strengthening the loose skin


Enhance your beauty with herbal medications and ayurvedic treatments. Bring a glow to your face, hair, hands, and legs. Treatments are available for all ages and all genders.