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What is rheumatoid arthritis?

According to modern medicine, rheumatoid arthritis is a prolonged auto-immune condition affecting joints.

*Autoimmune conditions are those wherein the body mistakes its very own tissues as foreign and attacks them. Usually, immunity/ immune system protects your body. But, in autoimmune diseases there is an altered immunity that harms the body. RA destroys the soft structures of joint tissues such as cartilage and as the disease progresses it destroys bones.

RA is the most common autoimmune disease causing swelling and pain in the wrist and small joints of leg and feet

Ayurveda treats rheumatoid arthritis without any side effects. Besides, Ayurveda can completely cure RA and not just provide symptomatic relief confirms research. In certain cases where Ayurveda cannot completely cure RA, it manages the condition well and causes no side effects.

Ayurveda says vatarakta/ obstructed air flow in the body affects muscles and leads to conditions such as RA.

Studies conclude by suitable Ayurvedic medicines and panchakarma, rheumatoid arthritis can be cured completely.

At Ishka healthcare we provide authentic Ayurvedic treatment.

We have a team of super specialists who focus on the right diagnosis and most suitable treatment. We follow a holistic approach that assists in quicker recovery and prevention of worsening. We locate the root cause and work towards eliminating it. We follow scientifically proven Ayurvedic treatment approach that is also mentioned in the authentic Ayurvedic ancient texts. Langhana, Rukshana, Shamana, and Raktamokshana are a few of the procedures that clear rheumatoid arthritis. Based on your condition, we advise the treatment that are most beneficial for you.

Customized Home Care Online Packages

The online package includes

  • Consultation
  • Yogasanas: We suggest yogasanas that help in stopping RA from worsening and assist in recovering safely.
  • Pranayama: Here, we advise breathing exercises that help your body relax and recover.
  • Other exercises that suit your body type and condition.
  • Meditation that facilitates improvement.
  • Diet and lifestyle advice: Certain diets are not recommended for RA. We help you avoid such diets by advising you the most suited diet for your body.
  • Detox regime
  • Mild naturopathic and other treatments that you can follow at home
  • Medications: We recommend clinically tested medicines that suit your condition the most.
  • Follow up consultations

At Ishka healthcare, we treat Arthritis with Authentic Ayurvedic Approach such As:

At Ishka Healthcare we blend in Ayurvedic & Naturopathy therapies together To Cure Arthritis

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